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Description (100 words max). No heading necessary as the heading is formed by the title. No styling necessary, other than the minimum – perhaps bold or italic here and there where required. Then add a 'hard return' and the word 'Specifications', followed by a 'soft return' (shift / return) and the paragraph of specifications.

Product specifications (100 words max). Use the minimum styling necessary.

  • Perhaps a bullet point
  • Or two

Then, a paragraph more of text if required. Then copy the Safety Data Sheet image below from this sample product and past it below the specifications. Select it, then – using the 'link' tool – replace the link with the correct one (copied from 'files / product data sheet'), choosing to 'open in new window' and adding the Data Sheet title. If you have a video to add, add a hard return and put it below the datasheet.

Safety Data Sheet

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