Rapid Roll - 15 meter with 4 posts and bases

Rapid Roll - 15 meter with 4 posts and bases
Rapid Roll - 15 meter with 4 posts and bases
Rapid Roll - 15 meter with 4 posts and bases
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Easy to carry worksite durable safe and sturdy one-person setup.


Durable and rugged, rapid roll can be used over and over again, making cost per use easily affordable.

Rapid Roll is both reliable and better for the environment than some other temporary barrier fencing options. Because it can be used repeatedly, Rapid Roll is a greener alternative to traditional fencing, which typically requires twist ties or other disposable fasteners in order to secure it. Traditional fencing often needs to be replaced due to damage in transport, but Rapid Roll is protected and neatly rolled up in the cartridge after every use.

It’s time to say goodbye to piles of wasted, damaged fencing and time-consuming setup and take down, and say hello to a more efficient way to make your worksite safe.


Faster, easier to secure your site – less set up time and more efficient work time.

Creating a clearly defined worksite perimeter has never been easier or quicker to assemble. Set up and take down can be done safely by just one worker in a matter of minutes. Yet the result is a clearly defined zone that prevents entry by those who might want to duck under or climb over. This provides workers with peace of mind knowing they can safely perform their task in a secure area. Retracting Rapid Roll is just as easy as the set up. Simply crack the handle and the barrier fencing neatly rolls back into the main cartridge.


Easy to carry and worksite-durable, rapid roll is the quickest, most portable barrier fencing solution on the market.

One Rapid Roll cartridge contains 15 metres of fencing, weighing only 12.7 kg. It can easily be carried and assembled by one worker in minutes. It is moulded with tough, resilient MDPE to ensure it will stand up to all rigours that a worksite and extreme weather conditions can throw at it.

Designed for ease of use and efficiency, smart features like comfortable carrying handles double as Rapid Links when the unit is in use.

Connect multiple units whilst maintaining the fast, simple approach to portability and set up.


Safe and sturdy, rapid roll barriers quickly create a clearly defined protective zone that keeps workers and civilians protected.

Integrated system:

When designing and creating this remarkable new temporary barrier system, safety was the number one objective. The result is a revolution in worksite safety and convenience.

Our system is far safer than pylons and caution tape, because Rapid Roll barriers cannot be walked through. They create an easily seen visual barrier that is both sturdy and portable.

Reflective safety tape is fitted to both sides of the cartridge and posts, making it easily visible in low light environments.

Add increased safety to your next project by using the Rapid Roll barrier storage cartridge and Rapid Post.

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